Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Time

December in the shop is the time of year where all the machines are moved out and "Christmas" moves in.
The christmas trees are delivered and the marquee is put up in front of the workshop and christmas takes over the showroom.
We have santa's of all sizes and toy chainsaws everywhere, Santa's in ski's and santa's sitting down.
Mince pies for customers and mulled wine in the office (I like this time of year).
Its the time of year that people are looking forward to coming in to buy there christmas trees and stock up on there goodies, and not the usual (the lawnmowers broken how much is it going to be) comments.
Last week when the whole carpark was covered in snow including 200+ christmas trees the whole place took on a different look.
To all our customers on the internet and those that call in have a very merry christmas and a great 2011.
Regards All at

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Quad Bikes Already

Apache quad bikes this month are getting reserved for christmas, It seems to come around earlier each year and August is early even for us to start holding machines ready for christmas.
Some info when choosing a quad bike (atv)

Quads come in lots of different sizes, shapes, and the Apache Children/Teenager range currently has power capabilities starting from 50cc's. Parents need to take account of the size of the child, their experience, age and capability. All children and teenagers under the age of 16 should ALWAYS be closely supervised by an adult at all times when operating a quad. Children should ALWAYS wear full protective clothing including a proper quad bike helmet - or approved motorcycle helmet (see Apache Quad Gear page), and protective gloves, goggles, and clothing. Safety must always come first.

Entry Level / First Quad - The standard entry level quad is the Apache RLX 100 Sport and, for more than a decade this has been the UK's most popular, most wanted, general purpose children's quad. This is a proven, quality, affordable, easy to ride all rounder with a good re-sale value.

Standard Junior Models: As an alternative to the Apache RLX 100 S, there's the Apache 100 ZX which is the standard version of the highly regarded F100 Liquid Cooled high performance/racing Quad. The ZX 100 has wider axles than the RLX 100, giving suberb stability and the added benefits of reverse gear and red metallic paintwork. The top of the range Apache F100 Liquid Cooled is for the more experienced junior or race enthusiast. The F100 S is hugely popular across the UK and Europe and is used for the more competitive/experienced junior and for racing. Indeed the F100 is regularly seen in the winners enclosure at quad race meetings at all levels across the UK and Europe. The F100 has extra wide axles and therefore gives exceptional stability when cornering - making it an ideal option for the most safety conscious parent or for the junior considered 'too adventurous'.

Junior Racing - Over the past four years, Apache Quads has become known as one of the leading junior racing brands. Apache's are proving hard to beat for performance, handling and reliability. Some juniors are racing the standard F100 Liquid Cooled quads, but others have opted for the 'Works' models. There are two options - The F50 Works and F100 Works - these are race ready quads, which come as standard with many racing parts fitted, making them outstanding value for money. Junior riders throughout the UK and Europe are now specifying Apache as their preference and many are leading their race classes on Apache.

Also Apache offers 'workshop management packages' for its junior quad range, whereby your quad can be returned to Apache's Midlands workshops and Apache's technicians can test, tune, upgrade or repair Apache. Our expert mechanics are are used to getting the very best out of an Apache.

Teenage Riders - for the larger junior, teenager or indeed any adult, take a look at the Apache RLX 50 or RLX 200 Sport. The quads here are ideal as an entry level quad for the older junior, teenager or ideal indeed for mum or dad to accompany the children on their Apache's. They are capable, sporty, reliable and affordable.

Choosing For Adults

You need to first decide what type of off road quad biking you'd like to do, and then select the most suitable from the wide choice of Apache Quads on offer. Consider such factors as how fast you wish to go, how much you wish to spend, and whether you require automatic or manual transmissions. The adult Apache Quads can all be ridden off road as well as on road (except where stated). To ride on the road, however, the quad needs to be registered and taxed and you need to make sure that you have the correct tyre set up for your intended use.

Off Road & Road Legal: Apache's range is extensive from the entry level budget RLX 50cc Road Legal and the RLX 200, but our most popular first road legal quad has to be the RLX 320 Sport Quad. BUT....if you want to spend a little more and have more cc's then the RLX 400 range has action packed 360cc engines and if you are the ultimate thrill seeker then - there is only one choice! Apache's fastest road legal quad is the RLX 450 Sport range. This is only for the more experienced rider - if speed and performance is your thing, this has to be IT!

Stunning CF Supermotos! Apache's 'CF' Supermoto versions of the RLX 320 Sport, RLX 400 Sport and RLX 450 Sport are primarily for road use as they have lowered suspension, and are supplied with road tyres, but these can be used off road too of course. The RLX 450 Supermoto is manual transmission, and the other CF Supermoto models in the range are automatic. These models offer performance and stunning good looks with their lowered suspension, outstanding specification and the black and silver carbon fibre effect paintwork. We challenge anyone who tries out the 450's not to buy one - especially the RLX 450 CF Supermoto, which is simply stunning in the looks department but also has incredible performance.

Apache's Utility and Agricultural Quads: The Apache RLX 320 Utility ATV (different to the RLX 320 Sport) is a lightweight and hardy utility quad that can be used on or off road. It's superb build quality makes it perfect for light agricultural use, equestrian, parkland, golf course, or equally at home on a country estate or in a large garden. If you'd like a little more power - then take a look at the RLX 400 Utility 2wd, which packs in some 360cc's and is an ATV to be reckoned with at a price point that is unbeatable. If you really need 4x4 - look no further than the RLX 400 4x4 for performance and value for money.

So - there's lots of choice with Apache - just browse the range and see what catches your eye. Everyone has a different requirement and budget and we hope you will find a model that will exactly meet your needs. If you need any advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we can help you select the model that's just right for you.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Mitox Multi Tool

The Mitox 270MT Multi tool is the latest addition to the Mitox range and features a 25.4cc powerful 2 stroke engine.

The thinking behind this machine is just brilliant.

One engine and a multi tool system that is changed in seconds without the need for tools.

If you need more than one petrol tool in your garden then this machine will not only save you time it will also save you money.

The machine converts from a strimmer to a pole pruner and hedgecutter. So all the jobs in the garden can be tackled easily.
Aswell as all the jobs in the garden it also "splits" in half so it can easily be transported to the allotment without the need for a van or estate car.
As with all Mitox machines quality comes as standard and the 25.4cc engine is more than powerful to tackle almost any job with ease.

Special low price of £294.99 inc vat and UK mainland delivery

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Mitox Long Reach Hedgetrimmer

The new Mitox 265LRH is a quality long reach hedge trimmer powered by a 25.4cc full crank engine.

With its long reach and adjustable articulating double-sided 40cm blade tall hedges can be trimmed safely without the need for steps or a ladder.
Trimming tall hedges has never been easier and with the Mitox 265LRH the job is made simple.

Once the hedges are under control the motor unit can quickly be changed over to a strimmer or a 10" chainsaw by adding one of the multi tools also available for the Mitox 265LRH.

Double sided 40cm blades
Overall Length 2260mm
Currently on special offer in August for £209.00 inc vat and delivery to uk mainland

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Mitox 700HTS

The Big Boy in the Mitox Hedgecutter range is the 700HTS. Ideal for the homeowner and Semi Professional use. The single sided 75cm Hedgecutter comes complete with alloy debris collector. Ensuring that clippings are removed from the trimmed area.

With 75cm double reciprocating blades the 700HTS makes short work of large hedges.

With its centre of gravity position between the front and rear handles it allows for easy and accurate manoeuvrability when trimming.


Air cooled 2 stroke engine
Fuel tank holds 0.60L
Single sided 75cm blade
5.6kg in weight
Currently on special offer at £159.00 inc vat and UK delivery@

The Mitox 600HTD

The new range of Mitox hedgecutters are selling well and we are getting great comments back from the customers saying (Great machine for the price/ Thank you for recommending this machine) just two comments from last week.

The Mitox range starts with the 600HTD with its powerful 25cc engine that produces 0.65kw of power. Its more than a match for most overgrown hedges and only weighs in at 5.9kg. It is a machine that you can use and not feel you have done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.
With a 60cm double sided blade the weight distribution is just about right.
Added to this the 600HTD also has a swivel rear handle that makes working at any angle very comfortable.
The Mitox 600HTD is currently on special offer at £159.00 inc vat and UK delivery@


Its now time in the garden to start looking at the hedges that have been left to grow while you have enjoyed the long dry summer.

As with all garden machinery purchases there is so much choice in the hedgecutter market.

Petrol or electric or even cordless options are available, so here at newlawnmower we are here to help you choose the right machine.

General rule of thumbs is:

Cordless/ Battery= 15 minutes twice a year

Electric Hedgecutters= 30-45 minutes three times a year

Petrol hedgecutters= anything more than above

The advantage of petrol over electric

1) Flexability (No cables to restrict the movement)

2) More power (Quicker cutting time)

3) More features available (swivel handle) is one great feature

4) Long life (Average life of petrol machine is 10+ year)

5) Longer length bar than electric

6) The neighbour might not want to borrow it as its petrol

Disadvantages of petrol hedgecutters

1) Heavy compared to electric

2) Initial cost is higher

3) Petrol /oil mix (all petrol hedgecutters are 2 stroke engines)

4)Higher servicing costs

Check out our offers on hedgecutters i'm sure you will find a model that suits you.